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Gas Furnace Questions & Answers and Basic Troubleshooting
Basic Gas Furnace Troubleshooting
  Eight steps to take if Gas furnace is not working properly

Sizing a heating system

  When a heating contractor receives a set of plans from a homeowner or builder, the first thing he does is perform a heatloss calculation.
Furnace Size BTU
  A furnace is sized according to the amount of heat it can produce.
Types of Gas Furnaces
  There are three basic types of Gas Fired Warm Air furnaces. Learn the differences to help choose the one that is right for your home.
Blower cycles on and off / Burner cycles on and off
  My blower seems to cycle on and off a lot, even when the thermostat is satisfied. Is there something wrong with my furnace?
Heating a Finished Basement
  I’m thinking about adding living space in my basement. Will I have to get a larger furnace?
Installing a Gas furnace in the garage
  Room over garage is being converted to living space. Can I install a furnace in the garage and duct up into the rooms?
Pilot light will not stay on
  There are a number of failures that may cause a pilot light to go out.
High efficiency versus mid efficiency gas furnace
  I need advice understanding the diffecrence between 94 AFUE and 80 AFUE furnaces.
Gas heat Pro's and Con's
  The drawbacks and benefits of gas heat




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